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In the land of the otaku, there are many a site that one can visit. I visit a number of sites from day to day. Some are really good at what they do and others are OK. I hope to travel to Japan someday and see a bit of this culture for myself. Until then, I will continue to live vicariously through the Internet.

In my virtual travels, there are a few sites that stand out. These sites I have visited numerous times and found their presentation / content worth repeat visits. Here is my list of sites worth visiting in your Internet travels.

  1. Zone Otaku – When I first started blogging about anime a few years back, this site was one of my favorites. Still is as its current 3 man team continue to keep it current. (I also jokingly blame Zen for getting me hooked on figures)
  2. Danny Choo - Perhaps the Sempai to many a Japanese fan website. Danny Choo works to inform people of the world about the Japanese culture. One could get lost on this site for quite a while.
  3. Anime Recommendations - Looking to find something to watch or read? This site has an extensive list of titles both video and manga. The ratings are from everyday viewers / readers. You too can create an account and contribute.
  4. Alafista - Another site from my early blogging days is Alafista. Like Danny Choo, he is also striving to bring the world more information about Japan.
  5. Hobby Search - I think this place has a fair chunk of my life savings now. If you are looking for a reputable site to purchase figures at, Hobby Search is one of several I would recommend.
  6. HLJ (Hobby Link Japan) - Another chuck of my life savings is here on this site.
  7. AmiAmi - While this site can be a little confusing at first, it is another one of those you end up exploring. Just be sure to have your form of payment handy.
  8. RightStuf! – Nope, its not spelled wrong. This stateside vendor has a huge selection of anime titles as well as books, etc to whet your apatite.
  9. AnimeNewsNetwork - This site as a plethora of information. From reviews, news, titles, events… A good place to check out when you are looking for information. There are also some titles you can view from this site.
  10. Crunchyroll – Strange name, yes but what a site. I view 90% of my anime titles from this site. They recently added manga titles that you can read from their site. Live action drama titles are available too.
  11. Funimation – Stateside distributor of a number of anime titles. They work to dub titles as well into the English language. The remaining 10% of my viewing is through here. (They have recently improved their site so I may be there more often now.

By no means is this all there is. You can follow the on those sites and be all over the place, buried in interesting details. There are other sites I would like to mention as well. They don’t strike me as being mainstream but worth checking out nonetheless.

  1. Daisuki – Operated by several studios in Japan, this site delivers subtitled streaming anime series.

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