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Tokyo Sky Tree Lighting with LEDs

I got to browsing some more on the Panasonic site this evening and came across their “EVERLEDS Lighting” project. This will ne used on the Tokyo Sky Tree skyscraper project to be completed on 2011. The site is in Japanese but clicking on the Technology link will show how some of the LED lighting will […]

Panasonic 3D Camera

Here’s something to keep your eyes out for. While thumbing a few sites this evening, I came accross an article on Akihabara News. It appears that Panasonic will debut a 3D video camera on the 28th. The picture below may be what it will look like. Keep your eyes open, would make for some eye-popping […]

South Korea started to watch cable TV on Internet with “Tving”

Akihabara News posted an article how South Koreans are able to watch a number of live cable channels over their PC utilizing the internet. This new service will cost roughly $3 per month and offers 53 channels. Sounds pretty cool to me. I subscribe to U-Verse currently and my dream is that one day they […]