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Japan Tourism Board Planning To Invite 10,000 Visitors

  Posted earlier by Danny Choo on his site, the Japan National Tourism Organization is planning to invite 10,000 visitors over in the hopes of boosting tourism in the wake of the earthquake earlier this year. Since the earthquake, parts of Japan have seen tourism drop as much as 80%.

Nice video shot around Japan

This video posting is a couple months old but I thought I had to share it anyway. This is a nicely done collection of video shots taken around Shibuya. I already wanted to travel to Japan, this video makes my travel urge even greater… Are you hoping to travel there? Have you been? What do […]

Japan – Land of the Future

Browsing some links this morning, I came accross this story on the BBC website. Japan is what I would call a tech crazy country. So much so that we here in the US seem to be lagging pretty far behind in some ways. (Cell phone features and speed of Internet access come to mind). I […]